What's FlowStar

Addicting, Adventurous, & Aerodynamic

Experience A New Kind Of Flow

These aerodynamically designed 8-sided cloth spinning stars will take flight once you find your flow.

Experience The Flow

Express Yourself With The Flow

From spintastic designs to mastering your own unique flow, the only limit is your imagination!

Join The Flow Community Today

An Ultra Portable Flow Toy

And Your New Ultimate Adventure Buddy

Why we flow

Festival Fueled Flow

Good vibes, positive energy, and spiritual souls. Spreading the joy, kindness, and inclusivity within this beautiful community.

Unleash Your Flow

Invite Play Back Into Your Life

Make new friends, learn new skills, and create new memories. All while connecting with the flow community!

Wanna Play?

Refresh Your Spirit

Elevate your energy and raise your vibrations. Guide the flow, feel the flow, power the flow, and unlock the ultimate flow state with magical meditative movement.

Find Your Flow

Digital Free Fun

Stop Texting, Start Spinning! This socially interactive toy challenges your patience and improves your focus, coordination, and motor skills, while freeing your mind and keeping the fun flowing!

Fuel Your Adventure

Our Unique Design Collections

Featured Collections

Offering a variety of design collections featuring our originals, double-sided, limited-edition, blacklight fluorescent, LED, and even custom design options.

Shop Collections

Colorful Vibrant & Radiant

Eye-popping stars catered for every vibe whether its funky, groovy, or psychedelic. We offer creatively inspired designs featuring the world around us. Inspired by nature, mandalas, and geometry.

Spintastic Designs

Made To Last

Our FlowStar's are all created from multiple layers of high quality fabrics which create the perfect balance, weight, and stretchy feel for the perfect flow experience!

Create Your Own